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Why Choose a freelance web designer
  • Name: Adam Mezzatesta
  • Age: 29
  • Likes: Spotify, Graphic Design, CSS3, Guitar, SEO, Yorkshire Tea, Photoshop, American TV, Firebug

Why Choose a freelancer.

Working alongside a freelance web designer gives you that personal one-to-one service that no large company can offer.

There are many benefits to working with a Freelance Web Designer. When I'm working on a project, I will be the main point of contact at all times avoiding any communication delays that might occur with larger companies. Freelance Designers like myself often work from home which means you avoid paying large overheads.

I won't try to sell you expensive Content Management packages if I don't think you need one. With open source projects so advanced these days, 99% of websites can be created using existing CMS platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla. I for one have been working with and customising Joomla for over four years and find that it can accommodate just about any specification.

If there comes a point where you're looking for something that goes beyond my realm of knowledge in a certain area, I have a number of people I regularly work alongside including freelance illustrators and advanced PHP coders. This means you have all the advantages of working with a large company whilst keeping the cost down at the same time.

Skill sets.

As a Freelance Web Designer, I have learnt a number of skill sets including the following:

  • Front End Coding (XHTML and CSS3)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation / Web Marketing)
  • Joomla / CMS websites
  • JQuery / Mootools
  • E-Commerce
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic design


Freelance SEO
Increase your traffic and profit with a bespoke SEO campaign.

I've worked on a number of SEO campaigns to increase website popularity for small businesses and will guarentee to improve your position on Google.

Freelance SEO

Business Web Design.

Web design for small to medium businesses - From a simple 5 page "brochure" website to showcase your company to an extensive feature-rich website to build your business.

Whether you're a brand new start up or a well established business, I can build you a website that will not only look great, but also help you gain visitors and profit. I pride myself on pixel perfect designs that work with your brand to create a sophisticated website that reflects your company ethos. I believe corporate websites should be a combination of simplicity and character. By making sure that each and every aspect of the design has been executed thoroughly, they can be clean and minimal without being clinical.

For many businesses, the main priority is to use their website as a means of gaining exposure and traffic. From 2012, all of my business websites are built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the forefront of my mind using the latest HTML5 standards. I make sure that every site I build is user friendly and search engine friendly. This process is called 'on-page SEO' and is included free with all my sites.

Graphic Design.

Freelance graphic design for web design agencies and developers without in-house designers.

A large proportion of my work is graphic design for the web. If you're a developer or development company looking to work alongside a freelance graphic designer, please get in touch. I'm happy to work with existing branding, stick to a specification, give input with regards to layout and usability and provide new ideas when required. You may even prefer to send over a wireframe of the home page to ensure the structure of the site remains exactly as you and your client envisage.

The work I provide can be as detailed or as simple as you need; some projects may just require a day to work on whilst another may take up to a week to design a home page. Whatever you need, I'm happy to work around your budget and requirements.

I also design banners and adverts for online advertising campaigns. These can be designed to work around existing website themes working seamlessly with existing company branding.

Joomla Web Design.

I design bespoke Joomla templates that make use of the many features of Joomla whilst keeping the design original to you.

For many individuals and partnerships looking at starting a new business, a website is a necessity but with companies charging anything from £400 - £5k it can be difficult to understand what they're actually paying for.

Quality aside, one of the big differences is that larger companies may often quote for a bespoke web solution which although may be the preferred option for large companies looking to develop their sites with feature-rich content, isn't usually necessary. I've found that using existing CMS platforms are a more affordable solution for most companies.

Over the past 5 years I've been using a Content Management System called Joomla which has now become one of the most popular options for designers and developers around the world. A Content Management System is exactly how it sounds, a system that allows the client to log into the back-end of a website and edit their content without the need to pay a web designer for each and every update and blog entry.

Responsive Design.

A new generation of computers and portable devices are all around us and web design should now reflect that.

With screen sizes ranging from a few inches wide to the size of a wide screen TV, designing a fixed width website is no longer sufficient. A website should be readable and easy to use on a range of devices and so the latest buzzword in the world of designers is 'Responsive Design'.

Instead of designing two versions of the same website, there are a number of ways we can adjust the way a website is displayed for different devices. For example, if you were to view this website on a wide screen and slowly reduce the size of your browser, you'll see how the site layout alters to suit your browser size.

Designing a responsive website does take more planning and is more time consuming so requires a slightly bigger budget. However, as other companies are making their websites more readable and accessible on mobile phones and iPads, can you afford not to?


Turning Photoshop files into HTML5 and CSS3 has become one of my busiest lines of work. If you're a graphic designer offering web design services, you may be looking for someone like myself to take your existing Photoshop files and convert them into complete HTML websites. I can usually convert a home page and sub-page template in two days. I can either stick to the original design exactly as supplied or I'm happy to suggest ways in which you might improve the design when translated to a website setting.

PSD to Joomla - convert your designs into a complete web solution.

If designing for a client you may prefer that your PSD file is converted into a website that your client can edit from a control panel. I can take your Photoshop files and build a complete Joomla template with home page, category template, item template and contact page. Further to this, I can implement any features you may require such as galleries, e-commerce solution, blog and more.

E-Flyer Design.

Create a stunning email campaign to make sure your company is seen!

Your company may have a growing mailing list that you'd like to utilise to increase online business. If you're looking to send out a more appealing newsletter to your clients, you may wish to send out an e-Flyer or HTML email. Sending out HTML emails can sometimes result in unexpected results which is why the HTML code should be written by hand rather than using a WYSIWYG program.

I've worked on a number of email campaigns and understand exactly what type of HTML is allowed on emails and what literally gets thrown out by various email apps and email providers such as Hotmail and Gmail. If you have an existing design that you'd like converting to an email template, I can take your design and send you the code the next working day.

Alternatively, you may prefer someone to design your email from scratch which I'm also happy to do. Please get in touch for more information on pricing.

Website Makeover.

Turn your dated website into a fresh, sleek site without changing a thing on the back-end.

You may be running a successful website or blog that works so well, you wouldn't want to change a thing on the back-end. However, that doesn't mean you have to stick with your out-of-date design until you're ready to build a new site; I can re-design your site keeping the existing code and wire-frame structure in place.

Using CSS, the visual side of the website can be updated without messing around with the functional side of the website. You might want a complete re-haul of the design or perhaps just touch up some of those dated design features to bring it right up to date.

From a new banner, background or menu to a full re-working of your website, please send over details using the contact form on this page.

Seo and Marketing.

When I'm not designing and building websites, I'm on the net searching out new and innovative ways to promote and market the websites I run and look after.

With the amount of spam and low-quality websites around on the net, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) can seem like a dirty word. However, if you work with the right people who employ the correct white-hat techniques, it can be an effective and perfectly legitimate way of improving your online visibility and sales.

For small websites and niches, SEO might just involve a well designed website and a few back-links to get to the top of Google. In larger and more profitable niches, you will probably want to consider a more long-term strategy to include on-page optimisation, link-building, guest blogging and increasing your sites content. Please get in touch for examples of my previous SEO work and information on how I can improve your business.

PHP Web Development.

For many projects, existing CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupel and Wordpress are ideal, but if your project has a very detailed specification that requires a bespoke web solution, I can work alongside a developer to take care of your project.

I regularly work alongside freelance PHP developers who are experienced, dependable and professional in everything they do. When working as part of a team, I'm able to concentrate on the design and front-end development leaving the back-end safely in the hands of the developer. This means that not only do you get the benefit of a personal one-to-one service, but the overall costs to you are reduced due to our low overheads.

If you'd like a quote for your project, please get in touch via the contact form.

Website hosting.

Fast, reliable and affordable web hosting with one-to-one customer service.

After using almost all of the large hosting companies at one point or another, I've found them to be slow with their customer service and often sluggish with their web hosting service. For that reason, I offer all my clients half price hosting for the first year with very competitive rates there after.

I use a server that hosts a limited number of websites which means your website will be quick to load without the expense of a dedicated server.

Domain name registration

If you only have a limited amount of web knowledge and would prefer not get involved with registering domain names, I will register your domain name free of charge.

Wordpress Web Design.

I offer wordpress web design for simple to use, blog based websites

More information coming soon.

  • Business Web Design
  • Freelance Graphic Design
  • Joomla Web Design
  • Responsive web Design
  • PSD to HTML5
  • E-Flyers
  • Website Makeover
  • SEO and Marketing
  • PHP Web Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Wordpress Web Design

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